Author: Jayne Blodgett Murray

9781884820991Jayne tells her life story of relationships: her close and loving bonds with her grandfather, mother and brother; her lifelong love for her Mayville sweetheart; her deep friendship with model Gloria Emerson, her sidekick in the New York social scene who eventually becomes a war correspondent and outspoken critic of the Vietnam War; her relationship with Jack Kennedy fresh off the PT boat and a political neophyte; her husband, her children, her grandchildren in her book, The River’s Bend.

After reading it you will know all about her.


Author: John Hobbs


hobbspixJohn R Hobbs started life in a middle-class family being raised with good values while being taught you have to work hard to earn a comfortable living. He was always being prodded to learn a specific skill so he could go to work and earn a respectful living working for someone else. John finally heeded the flawed advice and chose a skill that would make him a good living. He enrolled in a trade school but his first two chosen occupations were full with long waiting list so he settled for his third choice, welding. After completing the nine months of training, he never pursued his new trade because it was not how he wanted to earn a living. Still being nudged by his well-meaning family to do as society expected and not pursue and build on any of his creative ideas, he enrolled in a Junior Collage and majored in Industrial electricity. After school, he spent less than three years in the trade because it was not fulfilling and he decided there was more to life than working doing something he did not enjoy.

Many years passed before he finally found a trade that he was passionate about — horticulture.  Plunging in with no reservations he started being mentored by a well respected professional in the field while studying books and article from other top professionals in the industry. In less than three years, he was a Florida Certified Nurseryman Professional and a Master Gardener. During the years, that he was working, growing and learning in his new profession he was also a runner. The  combination gave him confidence, that made him believe in himself. Therefore, when the idea for a weight balanced water bottle system, Athletes’ Oasis® hit him he had no reservation pursuing his new found passion.

Unlike the Horticulture trade, he was unable to find a mentor; books or published articles that could walk him through the steps so he could bring his product to market. All the advice he found about  inventing immediately led him to third parties, which spent his hard earned money. Knowing there  had to be a better way he started thinking about what he actually needed next. He found many of the resources he needed at the public library. All the subjects covered in the books he studied are outlined in the order you need them, in The Secrets of Successful Inventors.

The experience John R. Hobbs gained by working through the invention process has lead to him to  become a business coach who helps inventors and small business owners move the products or services to market. John is also a popular speaker that educates audiences at entrepreneurial events, business forums, educational seminars, and inventors groups so they become inspired and motivated. He also is a product scout for Bob Circosta, the original spokesman for Home Shopping Network who makes it possible for many inventors to get on a shopping channel. John’s newest venture is as a published author of The Secrets of Successful Inventors where he saves the reader ten of thousands of dollars and years of time in getting their invention to market!

Author: Nova Hall

novapixNova Hall, the only grandchild of Donald A. Hall, Sr., has lived in Arizona for over 17 years. Following in his grandfather and father’s footsteps as a student pilot, photographer, and writer, he is presently set to attend ASU for his bachelor degree. Inspired by the family’s contributions to aeronautics and aerospace, he co-founded Orbital Air, Inc. (with David J. Pashman) to fulfill their shared goal of developing new aircraft while promoting the golden years of aviation. A competent toastmaster, EAA member, and an AOPA member, Nova continues to visit his hometowns of San Diego and Sedona.

In 2002 he spoke at Hofstra University, AirVenture Oshkosh, the 25th anniversary Lindbergh Foundation Awards, participated on the National Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Committee, co-founded the Donald A. Hall Aviation Foundation, and contributed to two published books about Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis in 2002.

Additionally, Nova Hall has appeared on local news channels in San Diego and on The Learning Channel in the hit series “The Hunt For Amazing Treasures” in 2001. He is a public speaker on aviation history and strongly promotes the same environmental views as his grandfather and father. His concerns for the environment include, among other things, the global health of the oceans and the impact humans are having on the planet’s broader health/biodiversity.