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9781884820991The River’s Bend  Author: Jayne Blodgett Murray

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The River’s Bend is the journey of a small town Wisconsin girl who reads her way through her bedridden childhood illness during the Depression; gets “discovered” on the train to California while visiting the man she loves; detours to post-war New York where she becomes a successful model; rubs shoulders with the rich, famous and political including JFK; marries and becomes a typical 1950s housewife; moves to the suburbs to raise her children in the safety of Cold-War suburbia, and comes full circle back to Mayville, Wisconsin where today she runs a charming Bed & Breakfast.

Flying Above the Glass Ceiling Author: Capt. Nina Andersonflygrl4cvr

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Flying Above the Glass Ceiling takes us through the accomplishments of women flyers from the 1800s right through present day, noting their specific struggles of entering a man’s occupation and giving insight into what it was that kept them moving toward their dream. Giving us a glimpse of their personal stories, their triumphs and disappointments, we are taught lessons that can apply to anyone pursuing their chosen career.

2012 Airborne Prophesy  Author: By Nina Anderson2012300

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A suspense novel about our future based on current mind-control technology.
Interest in the year 2012 will far exceed the speculation surrounding the year
2000. As oil reserves dwindle, the balance of power in world politics will shift.
Polar wobble and astronomically-based earth changes will create speculation
about the planet’s survivability, and electromagnetic weapons will change the
way war is waged.

Spirit & Creator, The Mysterious Man Behind Lindbergh’s Flight To Paris Author: Nova Hall

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Within the cracked and weathered exterior of an old steamer trunk, a family secret was waiting to be discovered. In 1999 Nova Hall, grandson of Donald A. Hall, uncovered a locked World War I era steamer trunk in his family’s garage. Found inside was a collection of over 100 never-before-seen photographs, personal correspondence with Charles A. Lindbergh, original documents, design instruments, models, and film footage. Because of these “treasures” archived by Donald A. Hall, we discover the mysterious man behind Lindbergh’s historic trans-Atlantic flight to Paris. This book is a visually inspiring story of their teamwork and triumph.

Letters From My Son, Author: Dolcie Suggs Ehlinger, Karen Guelfo Ehlinger

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Rooted in the great state of Texas, the adventures of Early Willson Junior immerse the reader in life during the depression, the beginnings of World War II and society goings on. And so it began. A journey that would take a simple boy from Texas to the big city of New York to rub elbows with Dorothy Lamour and Cab Calloway, on to the historic field from which Howard Hughes and Amelia Earhart soared into record books, and finally across the ocean to “give his all” in World War II with Churchill’s celebrated Royal Air Force of Britain. A journey that lay hidden in a trunk for almost fifty years and a story unspoken by a family unable to ever stem the pain of their loss. And it began in a dusty box of letters that Early Jr. himself told of his exhilarating and tragic life’s journey.

The Secrets of Successful Inventors  AuthorJohn Hobbs

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John R. Hobbs learned success from having struggled for years and wasting tens of thousands of 9781884820939smalldollars on services that were no needed when he received them. While working through the invention process of taking his concept to market he met thousands of struggling inventors and discovered a unique approach that will help them reach their dream. Most inventors only have part of the formula for success. In “The Secrets of Successful Inventors” John divulges the missing pieces necessary to
attract resources needed to bring inventions from ideas to reality. Scores of successful inventors were interviewed for this book and their secrets are shared with the reader. John let us know, “I am committed in educating other inventors so they do not make the mistakes I did. The tools I suggest can work for you!”

Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology  Author: Nina Anderson

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This book was written to expose a threat to civilization that could happen today or tomorrow, rather than the decades forecast by environmentalists. The unmistakable similarities of current and pre-Great Flood civilizations as unearthed by archeologists, are astounding. Ancient civilizations are thought to possess a high level of technology that researchers speculate caused their downfall, and possibly the cataclysmic events that destroyed Atlantis. Frequency saturation of the precious envelope of air surrounding our planet may be affecting her stability. All our efforts to rectify global warming may be in vain should our new weapons and technology cause a major axis shift to Earth.