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Natural Eye Care Series: Macular Degeneration  Authors: Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac. and Michael Edson, M.S., L.Ac. Click Here to order

ISBN  978-1-5136-6199-5

Natural Eye Care Series: Macular Degeneration offers a unique ap-proach to supporting healthy vision. This book will help you make sensible, researched, and clinically based decisions to support macular health with recommendations that include Western herbs, nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, and additional therapies. You will learn about the underlying causes and be given tools and techniques to develop your own eye health strategies. Natural Eye Care Series: Macular Degeneration shows you how to become an active participant in your own vision care. The primary goal of this book is to offer a practical approach, based on the underlying philosophy that emphasizes prevention and support. In doing so, we celebrate the healing power within all of us and the mind/body’s inherent potential for self-healing.

Table of contents chapters: Macular degeneration 5 What is macular degeneration? 5 The retina 6 Tpes of macular degeneration 8 Pathology of macular degeneration 10 Signs and symptoms 11 Causes and risk factors 11 Related conditions 13 Conventional treatment 14 Complementary approach 15 Nutrients 17 Diet 41 Lifestyle 45 Other modalities 49 On the horizon 53 Amsler grid 55 Resources 57


Aaargh! Menopause. Easy Natural Solutions used by women for over 2000 years. Author: Nina Anderson, SPN, C.NLP

ISBN 978-1-5136-2051-0 Price $9.95 56 pages.  Click Here to order

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You could search in Internet for days on how to combat your hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue that come with menopause. But, in this book you’ll discover the two best ways to deal with menopause and post-menopause effects that may help you stay “young-er”. If you are like me you cringe at the thought of having to spend each morning sorting out your menopause-fighting regime. If you could just start with two things, maybe that would be easier. This book isn’t a major intensive read, but in an hour or so you can get the information, clinical proof (don’t just take my word for it) and even some testimonials on what ancient civilizations and the current Asians use primarily as a women’s tonic for this stage of life.


How to Live Longer with Cellular Rejuvenation, Nutrients that can lessen the aging process and improve cellular health. Author: Nina Anderson

ISBN 978-1-5136-1904-0  Price: $8.95 48 pages Only available as ebook download currently

It’s a symptom of old age! How many times have we heard that said when we develop aches and cellularrejuvencvrsmallpains. Old age isn’t what it used to be – people are living longer and staying active into their eighties or beyond. If you want to be one of those healthy individuals you must read this book. Discover: What can slow down cellular aging; How to maintain cognitive health; Key ingredients for immune support; Powerful antioxidants and free-radical fighters; Botanicals that guard against disease; Medicinal foods; The biology of weight control; Help for joint and muscle rejuvenation; How to reduce Candida and support digestion; Compounds that delay aging and support DNA. Scientific evidence supports the information presented in this book with many studies proving the efficacy of the natural compounds described. This compilation of extensive research will motivate you towards lifestyle changes you can begin when you are young, lengthening your road to longevity.


Think and Feel Younger  Author: Nina Anderson

ISBN 978-1-5136-0987-4 Price: $9.95  76 pages Click to order     1513609874

How did we get this old? When you turned 50 AARP came knocking. When you turned 60 those gray hairs and wrinkles took over. When you turned seventy you started thinking about how many days you had left until the grim reaper came around. But you know you have many, many years left and why spend them as a couch potato. Author, Nina Anderson as the blogmeister Anti-Aging Lady, is well versed in the pitfalls of growing older. In this book she offers her wisdom on keeping a healthy brain, how to cure thinking old, new info on youth promoting supplements, natural help for aching joints and more in a lighthearted but factual way..

Velvet Antler  Author: Allison Davidson

ISBN: 0-9701110-0-2 Price: $ 9.95 88 pages  Click to orderebook  or   paperback9781628475838

A book that reveals how this powerful rejuvenating tonic boosts physical stamina and mental power, builds blood, normalizes blood pressure, treats joint problems, improves liver and kidney function and helps prevent aging. Velvet antler is one of the most important herbs in Oriental medicine, and has been documented in use for over 200 years. Written to serve as an introduction to this ancient and powerful remedy, this book briefly covers the historical background of velvet antler and tradition of use, the scientific research which supports these traditional claims, together with examples of velvet’s well-documented therapeutic benefits.

What is Beta Glucan? Author: Roger Mason     betaglucan

ISBN: 1-884820-66-2 Price: $ 4.95 38 pages  Click to order 

A concise guide to the benefits and uses of the most powerful natural immune enhancer know to science. it is a very powerful antagonist to both benign and malignant tumors. Other reported health benefits: lower cholesterol, normalizes blood sugar and rejuvenates ones skin. What is Beta Glucan? is a very thoroughly documented book replete with dozens and dozens of published scientific references.

The Minerals You Need. Author: Roger Mason

ISBN: 1-884820-75-1 Price: $4.95 40 pages    Click to order  minrjpg

A complete and unique guide to all the minerals necessary for better health and longer life. Science has known for a long time that lack of trace elements is responsible in part for every disease, condition and illness known to man. Due to modern farming methods and food processing, minerals in our diet are in short supply. Adding these life-giving elements to our daily supplement program will go a long way towards preventing and curing the endless list of health problems we suffer from.

Cancer Disarmed Expanded – Revised Edition Author: Nina Andersoncancerd

ISBN: 1-884820-73-5 Price: $7.95 72 pages Click to order                                              

The healing benefits of fermented and nitrogenated soy. Clinical and testimonial documentation on a plant-based formula that has been used for treating leukemia, melanoma, A.I.D.S. related carcinoma, breast cancer and many other diseases with overwhelming results.

Analyzing Sports Drinks, What’s right for you? Carbohydrate or Electrolyte replacement    

Author: Nina Anderson ISBN: 1-884820-69-7 Price: $ 4.95  40 pages  Click to ordersportsbookjpg-61x100

A short, easy-to-understand explanation of the confusion surrounding sports drinks: Are they all they claim to be? Do YOU need high sugar, high-calorie energy drinks? Are all the ingredients in sports drinks good for you? Discover why most people can benefit from electrolyte replacement. But, only some athletes require carbohydrate-loaded sports drinks. Find out what trace elements are needed for the whole body, not just for salt replacement.

The Smart Brain Train Authors: Frances Meiser,Susan Lee & Nina Anderson   smbt300

ISBN: 1-884820-31-X Price: $4.95 40 pages  Click to order

A delightful book for children that explains the importance of water, exercise and nutrition in creating a healthy brain. Detailed explanations for parents and teachers included. Excellent for children with A.D.D. and learning disabilities. The first part of the book is illustrated to be read to children and the second part is notes for parents and teachers to give them information supporting what is said in the story.

Eye Care Naturally Author: E. Michael Geiger, O.D.

ISBN: 1-884820-72-7 Price: $8.95 56 pages click to order                    eye180

This book provides methods that may prevent or slow down the progression of eye disease. In some cases for which there is no medical treatment, Eye Care Naturally offers suggestions that may reverse the condition. This book provides the reader with an understanding of some common eye afflictions that affect, or will affect, most of us including our relatives and friends. Conditions covered include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, styes, dry eye, red eye and computer eyestrain. It is not a technical digest, but rather is written in larger, easy-to-read type as an easy-to-understand concise guide that can give you alternatives to surgery or drug

Rx for Computer Eyes, Proven Ways To Prevent and Correct the Eye Strain Caused By Modern Life Author:  Kevin D. Geiger, O.D.

ISBN: 1-884820-81-6 Price: $12.95 52 pages Click to order

Acclaimed vision specialist, Dr. Kevin D. Geiger, has dedicated his career to discovering ways we can computer_eye-119x185all use to prevent progressive loss in our vision, year after year, and to overcome damage that may have already taken place due to living in a fast-paced, information-cluttered world. Share his knowledge in this easy-to-understand, fact-filled book about ways to preserve and improve your vision, despite constant computer use and other hazards in our vision-demanding world.In his book, Dr. Geiger explains: how we allow vision problems to attack our sight, simple – two minute excercises we can all do to improve our vision, no-nonsense changes we can make to make our computers and our lives friendlier to our eyes, the best approaches to correcting our vision and seeing our world clearly for the rest of our lives.

Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf  Author: Nina Anderson, Cherie Tripp, and Howard Peiper with golfjpgcontributing editor, Neil Orenstein, Ph.D.

ISBN: 1-884820-53-0 Price: $ 9.95 152 pages Click to order

Tips to lower your golf score with food and supplements that can improve stamina, control tempter, and increase your concentration. Special chapters for women and seniors. Bonus travel and health sections. Tee time diets.


The Fitness for Golfers Handbook,Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level Author: Don Tinderfitgolf-94x150

ISBN: 0-9701110-1-0 Price: $ 14.95 128 pages Click to order  

This book will teach you fitness to reach the next level of golfing performance. Included: exercises to help you achieve a more effective swing, cardio training, golfing nutrition, injury prevention. Along with instruction and practice, many of these pros are incorporating stretching, strengthening, aerobics, and good nutrition into their golfing preparation. In fact, many golfers are making fitness a daily part of their lives! Among the many benefits, these professionals know that regular exercise can: 1) enhance strength and flexibility, 2) increase energy and endurance, 3) improve consistency and control, 4) increase self-confidence, 5) reduce the chance for injury, and, let’s not forget 6) improve muscle tone and weight control. This book will guide you to golfing fitness success.

Bella Vida, A Beautiful Life with Hoempathic HGH Therapy,  Author: Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D.

ISBN 978-162407-760-9 Price $10.95 52 pages Click to order                                                               9781624077609

In Bella Vida, Dr. Peiper outlines the benefits of homeopathic HGH in a comprehensive manner, and has expanded its scope by listing potential ingredients that may be utilized to potentize HGH’s efficacy such as European licorice, L-glutamine and ornithine. His treatment in Chapter 6 of a suggested protocol for a healthy lifestyle, is in line with current natural dietary guidelines. In addition he discusses the effect of HGH on sleep, sexual performance, and aging. Bella Vida is extremely up-to-date and the inclusion of “The Boulder Study” and others lays the foundation for any practitioner to have faith that the HGH can produce the desired results.

The Efficacy of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice Authors: PJ Broadfoot, DVM and Nina Anderson

ISBN 9781634527590  Price: $12.95  76 pages   Click to order9781634527590cover_page_2

Owners of cats and dogs are increasingly looking beyond conventional treatments for chronic conditions in their pets, and they appreciate the opportunity for their veterinarian to offer them a broader range of options. They are also looking at wellness treatments to prevent illness and increase vitality. Velvet antler fits well into this range.   Written by PJ Broadfoot, D.V.M.,co-author of Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice (Wiley Blackwell) and Nina Anderson, S.P.N., author of Super Nutrition for Dogs n’ Cats (Safe Goods), this book provides clinical evidence of the efficacy of velvet antler in treating alopecia, anemia, wounds, fractures, bone and nerve regeneration as well as cancer, osteoarthritis, and other conditions. Dr. Clinton Balok from the Cedar Animal Medical Center in New Mexico states “As a practicing veterinarian, I’m always a little skeptical of overly-optimistic claims and non-traditional remedies, but velvet antler is the real thing. It’s at the top of my list when it comes to treating pets with arthritis and joint pain.”