Author Sherry Genga radio interview on Cushing’s disease.

Author of The Shattered Oak was interviewed on WSBS Great Barrington, MA in advance of her book signings at Barnes & Noble Pittsfield, MA June 14 and B&N West Hartford, CT June 15. Sherry Genga  delivered useful information for family members living with domestic abuse or suicide attempts and offers her mother’s personal story and what finally was determined to cause her depression. Listen to her 20 minute interview: Click Here


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Author: Sherry Genga

Sherry was the owner and founder of Spring-eze women shoe inserts. Entrepreneurship evolved from her current 25-year career in the High Roller lounge at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. She has spoken in classrooms to young entrepreneurs at local colleges. Inspiring them with the skills and resources on how to invent and develop a new product. This philosophy led her to the Connecticut Manufacturing Resource Center program, which helps small and midsize businesses in areas such as supplier development and securing a manufacturer for their product. Sherry is married to Jason Genga and has two children, Justin and Nicole. She resides in her small town in Connecticut where she grew up.

“Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason.  My new story has a profound stance on the world. The more I share my story, the more I see a strong perspective of healing the delicate minds that are so unbalanced.  If I knew I could not fail, I would spread the word on paper and post it on every oak tree, every bulletin board and shout it to every ear willing to listen. I have learned so much about writing Barbara’s story and feeling her emotional pain that I have mapped out my own path for a more positive life. Our thoughts are like looking at our refection in the water glimmering, smeared, blurred and even upside down, sometimes effecting our minds to the brink of insanity. Our visions need to stay clear and target what is important without focusing on the negative. Valuable knowledge can be extracted from our past by absorbing our mistakes along the way. Life is meant to grasp at our experiences, learning how our impressions can change us for the positive after living through the heartaches and burdens that transform our future into proud accomplishments.

I have leaned that I have the capability to make my own choices in life. It’s how I elect to see, digest and live my life that matters. Realizing that laughter and smiles can inspire us to get through our deepest darkest days and free our souls from depression. Countless children through their own eyes individually witness firsthand how domestic abuse, depression, suicide and mental illness can cause physical and emotional suffering, affecting their mental state of mind. This can cause a sense of helplessness. “The Shattered Oak “ has many of my own emotions and fears that were embedded deep down in my soul. These came pouring out as written words inscribed precisely for a journal. Just like Barbara in the story, I know the heartache and pain one can suffer associated with my own childhood experiences. Domestic abuse, suicide, and mental illness all can be managed with the right resources if we are all willing to help inspire those who are in need. Barbara needs her oak tree to stay strong through the story. Just like her, I find my peace and serenity in nature. The calmness in the air helps me to understand how I can respect myself by discovering my clever spirit along the way and unearthing my inner peace. May my perception inspire you to take action and create a change for a happier, healthier well-being.” – Sherry

Author: Nick Vuyosevich

Nick Vuyosevich was born to a Yugoslavian immigrant and was one of seven children. His story has been told in this book. After WWII his aviation endeavors mostly pertained to manufacturing survival equipment for aviation and submarines. In 1950 he started his own business, V Associates, continuing to produce parts for the military and sub-contractors. He was married to Grace Leng who enjoyed a professional career as an opera singer with the New York City Opera Company. They had three daughters (Nina, Kim and Jeanne) and two grandchildren and since 1956 lived in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Author: Nina Anderson, ATP, SPN, C.NLP

ninanew2016Nina is a certified NeuroLinguistic Human Development Coach and an ISSA certified Specialist in performance Nutrition. She is a retired jet pilot, founder of the aviator networking website Fabulous,public speaker, nutritional consultant and author of 18 books on aviation and health. She also is a workshop leader and hosts a blog: and a video blog

Nina has also been an active researcher in the alternative health field for over twenty years. As a salesperson for several housing manufacturers she encouraged using non-toxic building products and in 1991 subsequently wrote Your Health and Your House, published by Keats Publishing and Are You Poisoning Your Pets by Avery Publishing. She also wrote a natural pet columnist for Healthy & Natural magazine and was contributing editor for Yacht Racing magazine.

—Television appearances include Week-End Today, NBC NY, WNYT, Albany NY, Vision Quest,
Chicago IL, WTNH, New Haven CT, CNBC, Jersey Talking, Gary Null Anti-Aging video, WTEN,
Albany, NY, KRQE, Albuquerque NM, ABC Wichita KS, KVOS, Seattle, WA, ABC, San Diego CA,
NBC, Albany GA, ABC, Houston TX, Alive & Wellness, CNBC NJ, Good Day Cleveland, OH,
WGGB, Springfield, MA.

—National Radio appearances include Prescriptions for Healing, The Gary Null show, For The
People, Here’s To Your Health, Dr. Wallach’s Wellness Hour, Ann Louise Gittleman’s Vitamin
Shop Show, Journey To Wellness, Natural Grocer, Seeing Beyond.

—Lectures: Federal Aviation Assn. Wings Program, CT Natural Foods Assn. Conference, Women’
s Forum, Litchfield, CT, Whiskers Natural Pet Expo, Whole Health Expo, Northampton, MA,
Citizens For Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy, Pittsburgh, PA, Natural Products Expo East,
New England Air Museum, CT.

—Published magazine articles: Creations, Awareness, Arizona Networking, Plane & Pilot, Energy
Times, Woman Pilot, Pet Business, Healthy & Natural, Sport News, Better Nutrition, Golf Today,
World Health News, Vitamin Retailer, Plane and Pilot, General Aviation News, Atlantic Flyer.

Author: PJ Broadfoot, D.V.M.

pjAttended Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS and obtained a BS in Animal Science and Industry, with an emphasis on genetics. Graduated KSU School of Veterinary Medicine 1981,  Cum Laude. She started a solo practice in Van Buren, AR in 1982. PJ is married to Jeff Broadfoot, and has four grown children, Brannon, Barrett, Burke and Brea. Member of the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Holistic Veterinary Medicine. She is a Board Member of the American Society of Bioregula-tory Medicine (ASBRM) Registration of Alternative and integrative Veterinary Education (RAIVE) board member instructor College of Integrative Veterinary Technologies (CIVT) an international online college. She has given lectures on nutritional aspects of healing, and the influence of environment and nutrition on children with learning and behavior difficulties. PJ lectures extensively on Complimentary Medicine in U.S and abroad.  Published articles have been included in such diverse journals as Explore Magazine, The AHVMA Journal, The Bio-therapy Journal, distributed in the U.S. and Germany, and The Integrative Veterinary Care Journal. She co-authored a text-book: Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice (Wiley Blackwell 2008). Her Safe Goods title is “The Efficacy of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice.”

Author: Roger Mason


Roger develops unique natural supplements and products. He is heard on 1,400 radio stations every week advocating natural cures for illness. Roger has written The Natural Prostate Cure, Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs, Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs, Natural Health for Women, The Natural Diabetes Cure, Testosterone is Your Friend, Macrobiotics for Everyone, What is Beta Glucan?,The Minerals You Need, and The Supplements You Need. He developed Beta Prostate, which is the leading prostate supplement in the world. He still writes articles and has a charitable trust the Young Again Foundation.

Author: Dr. Kevin D. Geiger, O.D.

computer_eye-119x185Dr. Kevin D. Geiger, O.D. received his doctor of optometry degree from the State University of New  York, State College of Optometry. He has held the position of Director of the Alumni Association since 1992.Dr. Geiger is a practicing optometrist with offices in Manalapan and Livingston, New Jersey, as well as Staten Island, New York. He is the past recipient of the Frederick Brock Memorial Award for his clinical expertise in working with patients requiring vision therapy and other visual interventions for a multitude of ocular conditions relating to binocular perceptual deficiencies. He is one of only six optometrists in the State of New Jersey to be recognized as a “Computer Vision Syndrome” specialist, after completing additional education in the area of computers and their effects on the visual system.

Always seeking knowledge and to better himself, Dr. Geiger is an avid reader of literature dealing with nutrition, vitamins and alternative medicine. He is also past Vice President of the Freehold NJ Phrasers chapter of Toastmasters International.

Author: Don Tinder

fitgolf-94x150As an internationally published fitness consultant, writer, and fitness professional, Don Tinder has written numerous articles for magazines such as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Gold Illustrated, Gentlemen’s Quarterly Active, IDEA Health & Fitness Source, MuscleMag International, and many others. His articles on current fitness topics are featured on web sites originating from a number of countries around the world, including: the U.S., France, Canada, Argentina, South Africa and China, to name a few. Don’s background in health and fitness spans for over 20 years. He is a former competitive bodybuilder, semi-professional baseball player and has been an accomplished athlete throughout his life. Don is also a highly competitive golfer and truly loves the game of golf.

Author: Dr. Michael Geiger, O.D.

eye180Dr. E. Michael Geiger, optometrist, was the eye expert on the expert panel of the Dr. Andrew Weil website and on his 8 Weeks to Optimum Health website until Dr. Weil recently discontinued the “experts”, though he does forward eye related questions to Dr. Geiger. Dr. Geiger has led “chats” there and responded to many questions about eye diseases and eye conditions. He was the featured guest on the radio talk show of Michael Schwartz in Texas and another talk show in California where he discussed the information in his latest book, “Eye Care Naturally.” His book is written as an easy to read patient guide for information, natural prevention and treatment of some common eye diseases, some of which have no medical treatment. Dr. Geiger has lectured on natural prevention and treatment of these eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes and more in numerous New York City locations as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also delivered a lecture on computer eyestrain which is a chapter in his book. He is listed on the Eye Site website as being in the top 2% of nutritional eye care specialists in the USA, and is the only one listed in New York City. Dr. Geiger is presently in private practice in New York City, but he devotes much of his energy teaching eye doctors throughout the US on how to add nutritional eye care to their practice. He regards this as the most important new service that eye doctors should make available to their patients. Dr. Geiger was approached by an eye doctor website designer, and together with him and a manufacturer of nutritional supplements he brings this wonderful new program to the eye doctors. He has created the program based on the information in his book for each of several eye diseases, and shares this information with any eye doctor that is interested in providing this service to his or her patients

Author: Jayne Blodgett Murray

9781884820991Jayne tells her life story of relationships: her close and loving bonds with her grandfather, mother and brother; her lifelong love for her Mayville sweetheart; her deep friendship with model Gloria Emerson, her sidekick in the New York social scene who eventually becomes a war correspondent and outspoken critic of the Vietnam War; her relationship with Jack Kennedy fresh off the PT boat and a political neophyte; her husband, her children, her grandchildren in her book, The River’s Bend.

After reading it you will know all about her.


Author: John Hobbs


hobbspixJohn R Hobbs started life in a middle-class family being raised with good values while being taught you have to work hard to earn a comfortable living. He was always being prodded to learn a specific skill so he could go to work and earn a respectful living working for someone else. John finally heeded the flawed advice and chose a skill that would make him a good living. He enrolled in a trade school but his first two chosen occupations were full with long waiting list so he settled for his third choice, welding. After completing the nine months of training, he never pursued his new trade because it was not how he wanted to earn a living. Still being nudged by his well-meaning family to do as society expected and not pursue and build on any of his creative ideas, he enrolled in a Junior Collage and majored in Industrial electricity. After school, he spent less than three years in the trade because it was not fulfilling and he decided there was more to life than working doing something he did not enjoy.

Many years passed before he finally found a trade that he was passionate about — horticulture.  Plunging in with no reservations he started being mentored by a well respected professional in the field while studying books and article from other top professionals in the industry. In less than three years, he was a Florida Certified Nurseryman Professional and a Master Gardener. During the years, that he was working, growing and learning in his new profession he was also a runner. The  combination gave him confidence, that made him believe in himself. Therefore, when the idea for a weight balanced water bottle system, Athletes’ Oasis® hit him he had no reservation pursuing his new found passion.

Unlike the Horticulture trade, he was unable to find a mentor; books or published articles that could walk him through the steps so he could bring his product to market. All the advice he found about  inventing immediately led him to third parties, which spent his hard earned money. Knowing there  had to be a better way he started thinking about what he actually needed next. He found many of the resources he needed at the public library. All the subjects covered in the books he studied are outlined in the order you need them, in The Secrets of Successful Inventors.

The experience John R. Hobbs gained by working through the invention process has lead to him to  become a business coach who helps inventors and small business owners move the products or services to market. John is also a popular speaker that educates audiences at entrepreneurial events, business forums, educational seminars, and inventors groups so they become inspired and motivated. He also is a product scout for Bob Circosta, the original spokesman for Home Shopping Network who makes it possible for many inventors to get on a shopping channel. John’s newest venture is as a published author of The Secrets of Successful Inventors where he saves the reader ten of thousands of dollars and years of time in getting their invention to market!

Author: Nova Hall

novapixNova Hall, the only grandchild of Donald A. Hall, Sr., has lived in Arizona for over 17 years. Following in his grandfather and father’s footsteps as a student pilot, photographer, and writer, he is presently set to attend ASU for his bachelor degree. Inspired by the family’s contributions to aeronautics and aerospace, he co-founded Orbital Air, Inc. (with David J. Pashman) to fulfill their shared goal of developing new aircraft while promoting the golden years of aviation. A competent toastmaster, EAA member, and an AOPA member, Nova continues to visit his hometowns of San Diego and Sedona.

In 2002 he spoke at Hofstra University, AirVenture Oshkosh, the 25th anniversary Lindbergh Foundation Awards, participated on the National Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Committee, co-founded the Donald A. Hall Aviation Foundation, and contributed to two published books about Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis in 2002.

Additionally, Nova Hall has appeared on local news channels in San Diego and on The Learning Channel in the hit series “The Hunt For Amazing Treasures” in 2001. He is a public speaker on aviation history and strongly promotes the same environmental views as his grandfather and father. His concerns for the environment include, among other things, the global health of the oceans and the impact humans are having on the planet’s broader health/biodiversity.


Author: Howard Peiper, N.D.


Dr. Peiper is a nationally recognized expert in the holistic counseling field. His healing, health care and natural health professional credentials extend over thirty year period and include those of naturopath, author, lecturer, magazine consultant, radio personality and host of a television show, Partners in Healing.  Howard is the co-author of  Live Disease Free, The A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. DIET! Live Disease Free, Create a Miracle with Hexagonal Water, Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf,  and Low Carb and Beyond.  Howard holds a degree
in Optometry and now practices in the field of Naturopathy.  For twenty years, he has committed himself to the holistic health field.

—Dr. Peiper is former co-host of the award winning Television show, Partners in Healing.  They feature guests in the alternative healing field including such names as Harvey Diamond, Dr. John Upledger, and Dr. Bernard Jensen.

—Hubbard College in Clearwater, Florida honored Dr. Peiper with a community achievement award, which recognizes accomplishments and community service by people that take the time to help others make healthy choices.

—National Radio appearances include Prescriptions for Healing, The Gary Null show, For The People, Here’s To Your Health, Dr. Wallach’s Wellness Hour, Ann Louise Gittleman’s Vitamin Shop Show, Journey To Wellness, Natural Grocer, Seeing Beyond.

—Lectures at NNFA regional meeting, CT Natural Foods Assn. Conference, Sarasota Community College, In Spirit 96 (Chicago), Natural Hygiene Society, N.A.F.F.S. Conference, Gary Null Health Center (Fl.)

—TV appearances include Dr. Perlmutter Show, (FL), Vision Quest, (Chicago), Natural Living with Gary Null, (PBS), etc.

On A.D.D.:
The TOWNSEND LETTER for Doctors & Patients recommended reading A.D.D., The Natural Approach and tells us that this book introduces underlying causes of ADD and natural, rather than pharmaceutical solutions that help the body heal. Peiper writes, “Diet change has been found to be the key factor in relieving hyperactive behavior. Diet improvement results are almost
immediately evident, most within one to three weeks”
As the National Enquirer depicts, “Make up your mind to stay healthy for the rest of your life! Look and feel young again! Use the weapons against aging that are outlined in “The Secrets of Staying Young!”

Dr. Bernard Jensen says of Dr. Peiper’s book, “I am almost 90 years young and have followed a lifestyle similar as the author’s have recommended.”