Book Coach and Ghost Writers

BOOK COACH: If you are a writer and want to create a book but have questions and don’t really know how to navigate the publishing system, we can help. For a reasonable fee we can guide you through the process of choosing a subject, narrowing your target market, creating your outline, and editing your manuscript. We also connect you with proofreaders and cover designers. We can offer your book under our Safe Goods masthead which includes visibility on our website, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Baker & Taylor distributors and get you great printing pricing. If you choose to self-publish we can let you know how to set up an account with Amazon and give you marketing and social media tactics. Just give us a call for a free consultation. 413-229-9042

Examples: productbooks

Ghost Writing for Companies Promoting Product: If your company is interested in  having one of our authors create a publication for you, please contact us by phone. Previous companies have used us to produce books or booklets that they can include as information pieces in sales packages and also are sold in online and through brick-and-mortar bookstores across the country by being listed through Safe Goods distribution channels. These are great tools to describe your product (especially supplements) and guide readers to enthusiastically purchase.

Call for a free consultation: Phone: 413-229-9042