Entrepreneur Publishing Program

Entrepreneur Publishing Program
We’re the
number one author-friendly publisher!
When you want to control the future of your book…we can help!

Many authors have specific ideas for marketing their books. Most publishers agree to publish your book and THEY control all of the sales and marketing. You are given only a token number of copies of your own hard work, which eliminates the possibility of you doing your own marketing. Royalties paid to you for your book may not begin to compensate you for the time spent creating your masterpiece. (The national average for author compensation is only $4000 and this includes the 1% who have been lucky enough to write a bestseller).
Entrepreneur Publishing Program gives you back the control you want, and gives you the opportunity to make more money, even if you don’t make the bestseller list.
The Program: Our Services.
Production: We provide the expertise to make your title a professionally published
>Wholesale Distribution: We send review copies to our long list of bookstore and
library distributors. Once your title is accepted, we field the orders and ship your
>Consumer Sales: We can facilitate consumer orders for you through our toll-free
>Commission Schedule: We pay you the following:
30% of retail price on wholesale revenue received.
50% on consumer order we handle for you.
*Commissions are paid quarterly
Author Advantage
>Production Partner: We work with you on the format the content of your work. We
also receive your input as to cover design and back cover marketing text.
>Inventory: We give you the option of letting us control your inventory. If you plan to
do extensive marketing on your title and wish to maintain your own considerable
inventory, you can just provide us with stock to fulfill our wholesale orders.
>Marketing: We encourage you to hire a publicist to maximize exposure for your title.
You are free to solicit revenue for magazine articles, lectures, TV appearances
without any responsibility to us. You are free to market to any consumer group,
whether it be on the Internet, at lectures or through direct sales. Wholesale
marketing is not allowed by the author, and any queries should be forwarded to
Safe Goods Publishing.
>Revenue: Author receives 100% of revenue from consumer sales fulfilled by them.
Author receives 50% of consumer revenue directed to the Publisher’s line or from
any consumer sales generated by the Publisher. Author receives 25% of all
wholesale revenue collected by the publisher. *Revenue is paid in quarterly
Author Responsibilities
>Contract Fee: $1500.00 (US Dollars) Includes cover design, ISBN and LCC #’s.
>Editing Fee:  $3.50/ page (US) first edit.
$30.00/ hour (US) second edit
This is for text-editing. Copy writing, ghost writing, extensive rewrites will incur
additional fee.
>Proofreader: $3.00/page (US)
>Typesetting: Average $500.00 (US) for 150 page book. Firm quote at time of
submission. This is for text only. Picture or table inserts will be additional. *Prices
are subject to change depending on fee increases by sub-contractors.
>Printing fee: As per printer quote. (average is $1.20 (US) – $2.50/ book for 120 pages (5.5×8.5 format)
*Prices are subject to change depending on design and price quote.
>Monthly Management fee: $30.00/ month. Fee includes maintaining presence on
websites, and distributor liaison. Also includes monthly marketing email newsletter.
>Distributor listing fees: Several wholesalers require minimal quarterly
maintenance fee (example $5.25 per quarter). A deduction for these fees will be
levied on author quarterly payment report.

To Submit A Title:
Send a query letter including your email address, phone and fax number, outline of book and why you
think the book will sell to:
Safe Goods Publishing
Entrepreneur Publishing Division
561 Shunpike Road
Sheffield, MA  01257       
Do not send your manuscript