Author: Sherry Genga

Sherry was the owner and founder of Spring-eze women shoe inserts. Entrepreneurship evolved from her current 25-year career in the High Roller lounge at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. She has spoken in classrooms to young entrepreneurs at local colleges. Inspiring them with the skills and resources on how to invent and develop a new product. This philosophy led her to the Connecticut Manufacturing Resource Center program, which helps small and midsize businesses in areas such as supplier development and securing a manufacturer for their product. Sherry is married to Jason Genga and has two children, Justin and Nicole. She resides in her small town in Connecticut where she grew up.

“Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason.  My new story has a profound stance on the world. The more I share my story, the more I see a strong perspective of healing the delicate minds that are so unbalanced.  If I knew I could not fail, I would spread the word on paper and post it on every oak tree, every bulletin board and shout it to every ear willing to listen. I have learned so much about writing Barbara’s story and feeling her emotional pain that I have mapped out my own path for a more positive life. Our thoughts are like looking at our refection in the water glimmering, smeared, blurred and even upside down, sometimes effecting our minds to the brink of insanity. Our visions need to stay clear and target what is important without focusing on the negative. Valuable knowledge can be extracted from our past by absorbing our mistakes along the way. Life is meant to grasp at our experiences, learning how our impressions can change us for the positive after living through the heartaches and burdens that transform our future into proud accomplishments.

I have leaned that I have the capability to make my own choices in life. It’s how I elect to see, digest and live my life that matters. Realizing that laughter and smiles can inspire us to get through our deepest darkest days and free our souls from depression. Countless children through their own eyes individually witness firsthand how domestic abuse, depression, suicide and mental illness can cause physical and emotional suffering, affecting their mental state of mind. This can cause a sense of helplessness. “The Shattered Oak “ has many of my own emotions and fears that were embedded deep down in my soul. These came pouring out as written words inscribed precisely for a journal. Just like Barbara in the story, I know the heartache and pain one can suffer associated with my own childhood experiences. Domestic abuse, suicide, and mental illness all can be managed with the right resources if we are all willing to help inspire those who are in need. Barbara needs her oak tree to stay strong through the story. Just like her, I find my peace and serenity in nature. The calmness in the air helps me to understand how I can respect myself by discovering my clever spirit along the way and unearthing my inner peace. May my perception inspire you to take action and create a change for a happier, healthier well-being.” – Sherry


One thought on “Author: Sherry Genga

  1. Sherry. How can I contact you, I live in Australia and desperately want to purchase your book. In 2017 I was diagnosed with full blown Cushing’s disease and suffered psychosis for quite a few months until a correct medication was found. I am two years out and still in recovery. I cannot find the book within Australia and the publishers site only ships with America and Canada.
    Kind aregards
    Rowanna NSW Australia


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